3 Majestic courses with views of the San Juan and Cimarron Mountains 2 Night stay | $50 for local wine and dine

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Black Canyon North Rim

Montrose Stories

Montrose - Way More than 'Mud Season'

Mud season, an uninspiring term for an underrated time of year. As February gives way to March and April in the Rockies, the days are longer and warmer, and so, at lower elevations the snow is melting away leaving muddy streets (because where I live there are dirt streets). My dog constantly…

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Live at the Playhouse

The ticket for local theatre in Montrose A sense of foreboding gripped me as I entered the darkened room. A single pistol shot rang out. Gripping my chest as my legs buckled, I tumbled forward, sprawling on an oriental rug. A woman began to scream hysterically. The lights came up to reveal my friend…

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Winter Wander-land

Frolic and play the Montrose way Snowflakes piled up one memorable morning during our first season in the 81401 zip code. It’s rare for a storm to bring Montrose to a standstill, but the accumulation was deep. Our garage holds a quiver of skis, a selection of ice axes, snowshoes, avalanche beacons…

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Tee it Up

Golfing in the land of sunshine With such a variety of golf in town and more than seven months of 50-degree or warmer weather, Montrose is a perfect golf vacation destination that sees plenty of sunshine. Montrose’s three courses — Cobble Creek, The Bridges, and Black Canyon — along with several…

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A Toast to Local

...brews, wines, and food Sitting at Two Rascal’s Brewing Company, sipping on a scrumptious pint of cherry-rhubarb cream ale, I chat with the brewster across the bar. “The Savor the San Juans event inspired me to brew this one-of-a-kind beer,” she says with a shy smile. The annual home and chef…

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Playin' Around

...in town Combining an area renowned for its proximity to superlative outdoor assets with an exceptional, new indoor space aims to entice people of all ages, from near and far, to Montrose for a play date. As a community that values the importance of fitness and recreation, Montrose is fortunate to…

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Wear Appropriate

How to dress for a play-everywhere day The swiftest path to an epically unfun day of outdoor exploration is to fail to dress appropriately for the adventure, but solving the riddle of what to wear can feel like advanced algebra. It’s weather multiplied by altitude, divided by fabric choice, and…

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Outfitted for Adventure

...in the wild west How to get expert assistance for an extraordinary western Colorado experience. The Montrose area, rich in mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes, and streams, beckons outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. With landscapes that vary from rugged desert canyon country to serene alpine…

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Made in Montrose

Reeling in the fishing business "Colorado is an outdoorsy state, but few cities are as good overall as Montrose.” ~Craig Baker Mayfly Outdoors Millions of individuals across the United States and around the world enjoy fly fishing. Most of them have no idea that the Montrose area has quietly become…

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