Black Canyon North Rim

Montrose Stories

David Spear

David Spear is a Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys sharing his lifetime of Western Slope experience as part of the Visit Montrose team.

Working Remotely in Montrose, CO

Handbook To Working Remotely Oh COVID! What a ride. Though we are excited about one major change that came from it: remote work is now more mainstream than ever! For the first time in history, more of us are working from home than not and many of us have grown quite fond of it. Remote work redefines…

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On the Way to Relocation in Montrose, Colorado

We know the feeling. You’ve been to Montrose and have become captivated by its charm. Those thoughts start to creep into your mind like... “What would it be like to live in Montrose?” Glad you asked! Those views though! Look in any direction: Epic sunsets and fall colors take your breath away! 360…

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OHV: Stage and Play

Overcome obstacles to ride rad Exploring remote areas of rugged 4-wheel drive and off-highway vehicle (OHV) routes is one of the best ways to experience Colorado. Boulderstrewn, twisty, steep, and rutted paths reward determined explorers with uncommon and unforgettable landscapes, sightings of…

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