Visit Montrose from February 12 to February 14 for a winter getaway! This package is available for both couples and families and we've taken care of all of the details like where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.

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The countryside around Montrose offers hunting adventure for every level of sportsman, and many options for different game throughout the year.

You’ll find trophy-quality elk, deer, antelope, mountain lions, sheep, waterfowl, and rabbits - the choices are as vast as the Colorado backcountry itself. Montrose even holds a yearly drawing for moose season. 

The terrain is beautiful and varied, and provides a perfect habitat for the many animals that thrive here. Hunters should come prepared for two things: rapidly changing weather conditions (it is the Rockies, after all), and to bring home some of the most impressive results they’ve ever seen!

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2300 South Townsend Avenue

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