Handbook To Working Remotely

Oh COVID! What a ride. Though we are excited about one major change that came from it: remote work is now more mainstream than ever! For the first time in history, more of us are working from home than not and many of us have grown quite fond of it.

Remote work redefines “workplace” as the possibilities are now vast and the world is now our proverbial oyster. So, in case you want to join us in our vagabond laptop lifestyle, we’ve compiled a little guide to getting it done the Montrose way:

Computer outside at table

1) Connection: Montrose is primed for this location-neutral adaptation in the workforce. With our robust broadband infrastructure, your WiFi signal will be the least of your worries. We may be “rural” Colorado, but we have our “big city” Internet pants on – and they’re affordable!.

2) Mid-Day Play: Riverbottom Park, the Montrose version of Central Park, is in the middle of town, allowing for an accessible and quick mid-day break to do any and all of your favorite Colorado activities: walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, SUPing, river surfing, fishing, basketball, skateboarding, and dog park-ing. You’ll be back at work in less than an hour.

3) World-Class Coworking: If you’re a bit more of a social nomad, we have an award-winning coworking space in the heart of downtown. They serve up fast Internet, free coffee, and a fantastic built-in community of diverse people.

4) Community: Your work might be a thousand miles away, but there are lots of opportunities to engage with the Montrose community. We have hundreds of nonprofits and both the city and the county are citizen- centric organizations always eager for engagement with residents and guests.


So Come Work Here!

We’d love to have you for a week or forever. Montrose is the perfect trailhead to making a living in the mountains, and thus, creating a lifestyle that is conducive to working where you play and playing where you work.