Black Canyon North Rim

Montrose Stories

Melissa Alcorn

Melissa Alcorn and her husband, Stephen, both attorneys, moved to Montrose from a flatter place in 2013 to be closer to ice climbing, skiing, fly fishing, backpacking, and all the other adventures found in proximity to Montrose.

Winter Wander-land

Frolic and play the Montrose way Snowflakes piled up one memorable morning during our first season in the 81401 zip code. It’s rare for a storm to bring Montrose to a standstill, but the accumulation was deep. Our garage holds a quiver of skis, a selection of ice axes, snowshoes, avalanche beacons…

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Wear Appropriate

How to dress for a play-everywhere day The swiftest path to an epically unfun day of outdoor exploration is to fail to dress appropriately for the adventure, but solving the riddle of what to wear can feel like advanced algebra. It’s weather multiplied by altitude, divided by fabric choice, and…

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Backcountry Bounty

Wander where WiFi is weak There is nothing more liberating than gliding down a pristine mountain slope far away from lift lines. At least that was the mantra swirling in my head as I grunted uphill to Ophir Pass for my ladiesonly birthday weekend at Opus Hut, a cozy skier’s habitat tucked away in…

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Circle of Bliss

Centering yourself in Colorado's winter playground There’s an addiction common in the mountains. It involves a compulsion to seek the best lines down snow-covered slopes. The addict will travel resort to resort, mountain pass to mountain pass, in any sort of weather, in search of a legendary ski…

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