Bringing an attitude of excellence to sports

In a community that is rooted in agriculture, Montrose has produced its own “Field of Dreams”– a sports complex and supporting culture that is a blend of sports facilities, natural outdoor training amenities, invested families, and athletes that come ready to play. This love of sports comes naturally to an active community who aims to carve its place in the world of competitive sports much as it is doing with its impressive roster of outdoor sports and recreation activities that envelop Montrose.

In a relatively short period of time, Montrose has developed some of the most distinguished sports facilities on Colorado’s Western Slope. The brand new Community Recreation Center is the largest in the region and is wellequipped to suit every interest from competitive swimming to rock climbing. Combined with soccer and baseball facilities in the Sunset Mesa Sports Complex and the unusually long season for kayaking, SUP, and rafting at the Water Sports Park, serious competitors find themselves nestled in a venue that caters to their calling. Montrose’s sports-rich environment also opens up exciting opportunities to be creative in attracting new competitive sports events for youth and adults venturing for new experiences.

Beyond having an abundance of recreation and sports assets to share, the community’s sports programs seek to achieve a deeper benefit. In the pursuit of “all things good” that can arise from sports, families are invested in programs that capitalize on leadership, communication, accountability, and responsible risktaking. The City of Montrose has partnered with John O’Sullivan’s Changing the Game Project to develop and support programs that instill positive behavior patterns that last a lifetime. Whether athletes desire to be more competitive or simply play for leisure, they learn to value excellence – a lesson that helps them excel both on and off the field.

At the heart of our “Field of Dreams” lies the most important piece, our athletes. At any age, athletes can come together to play and have fun. The enjoyment and camaraderie that result from being a part of our growing community team keeps our athletes coming back for more.