Peak Mountain Guides LLC

  • 160 Liddell St #C3, Ridgway, CO 81432
  • (970) 325-7342 | Visit Website


Peak Mountain Guides is a company built around the idea of connecting you with talented, motivated, and personable guides who will help you progress regardless of how big or small your goals. We strive to create as many options as we can and give people the tools to go wherever it is they want to go. The guides working for Peak have chosen a career as a professional guides and have a significant amount of experience climbing around the world. They are also mature individuals who can relate to you and work out the best experience for you. Every guide in the field at a minimum meets the AMGA Scope of Practice guidelines. All of the guides working full time for Peak at minimum have at least one “guide track” certification. Peak is permitted in 5 states and operates internationally to have the greatest number of options available for climbers and skiers to progress to. Our home base in western Colorado is ideally located to offer the most possible flexibility and is central to much of our ice climbing, skiing, and rock climbing programming.