Cerro Summit


The Cerro Summit Recreation Area is a 110 acre property owned and managed by the City of Montrose, CO. It is managed as open space and is open year round. Enough snow falls in the winter to support sledding, cross-country skiing, and family style downhill skiing and snowboarding. In recent years a trail system has been developed for hikers, runners and mountain bikers. The Cerro Summit Recreation Area is 13 miles east of Montrose along highway 50; the recreation area is just south of the summit off of County Road P 77. Other than 3 small parking areas and a few trails the property is undeveloped. The landscape is wild, hilly and dominated by the mountain shrub plant community, open sage flats and grasslands. Wildlife such as elk and deer frequent the area; black bear have been seen on occasion. It is a great place for birding. Traveling across a natural landscape has inherent risks so proceed with caution. The area has no facilities or services so dispose of human waste properly and pack out your trash. Fishing is now allowed at the reservoir, with your Colorado fishing license.