HRMS Presents "Clay Parker & Jodi James w/ Roy Catlin :: Live at Healthy Rhythm"

  • 68 S. Grand Ave., Montrose, CO 81401
  • (323) 270-6284 | Visit Website
  • Presented By: Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery
  • Dates: May 25, 2019
  • Location: The Listening Room, Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery
  • Time: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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Healthy Rhythm Music Services Presents "CLAY PARKER & JODI JAMES W/ ROY CATLIN:: LIVE AT HEALTHY RHYTHM" • Saturday evening, May 25th, in The Listening Room of Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery, located at historic Sampler Square (68 S Grand Ave) in downtown Montrose, Colorado! In ‘When the Curfew Blows,’ Woody Guthrie bellows, “Was the lonesomest sound, boys/ that ever heard sound, boys/ like the midnight wind, boy/ when the curfew blows.” Gaining their footing in the marshy bayous of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, CLAY PARKER AND JODI JAMES would later hear Guthrie’s lyrics and model a life off of the late songwriter’s distinctive demeanor. Taking a cue from Louisiana traditions and closely following in the footsteps of Guthrie, the duo have followed the streams of Southern music sources, generating a lifestyle tinged with the mystery of traditional Americana. In explaining the origins of their recent album, Clay recounts the traditional folk fable, ‘Stone Soup’. Within the tale, a homeless man approaches a strange town with nothing but stones in his pocket to offer the townspeople. With the help of the generosity of strangers who offer a single ingredient at a time, the homeless man is able to make a pot of soup large enough for the whole town to eat. “The recording came together in an interesting way first and foremost because we’re poor,” jokes Clay. “There were people that simply heard us and believed in what we were doing and offered their services for next to nothing. That’s really how this record came about.” If there was ever a need for Stone Soup, Clay Parker and Jodi James have surely perfected the recipe.