Good Agricultural Practice Training

  • 300 Hap Court, Olathe, CO 81425
  • (970) 249-0705 | Visit Website
  • Presented By: Valley Food Partnership and CSU
  • Dates: March 21, 2024
  • Location: 300 Hap Court, Olathe
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Price: Free
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🌱 Unlock Success with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Class! πŸšœπŸ“š
Ready to elevate your farming practices to the next level? Join our upcoming Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) class designed to empower farmers with the knowledge and skills for a thriving and sustainable agricultural journey! 🌾✨
🌟 What You'll Gain:
GAP Principles: Master the essential principles of Good Agricultural Practices.
Food Safety Protocols: Learn best practices to ensure the safety of your produce from farm to table.
Certification Insights: Understand the importance of GAP certification and how it can enhance your market presence.
Hands-On Exercises: Apply GAP principles in real-world scenarios for a practical understanding.
🌾 Why Attend?
Market Confidence: Assure consumers of the safety and quality of your produce.
Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about industry standards and compliance.
Enhanced Productivity: Implement practices that optimize yields while prioritizing safety.
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πŸš€ Brought to you by Valley Food Partnership's Cultivating Farmers and Ranchers that Thrive program and CSU
As advocates for sustainable and safe agriculture, we're committed to providing the tools and knowledge you need for success. See you at the GAP class!