• Black Canyon National Park's East Portal Road will be closed for the 2021 season • Morrow Point Boat Tours will not be offered during the 2021 season • Roadwork in Little Blue Canyon, on Hwy 50 east of Montrose, will cause significant delays on weekdays

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Colorado Gypsy Fest & Draft Horse Show


Fun for both competitors and spectators, come and experience the Colorado Gypsy Horse Fest! Free entry to spectators.

The Colorado Gypsy Fest looks forward to amazing you and your family with an Expo, Clinician Clinics, Full Gypsy Class List, Fun Classes for Everyone, Drum & Draft Classes.

What are Gypsy Horses?

Although smaller Gypsy horses are similar in appearance to a draft horses. Originally bred by Romanies in the UK these beautiful horses have extensive feathering on their legs. The Gypsy Horse Fest will be a great opportunity to see these distinctive creatures and their handlers show off their skills.