Amping up the music scene

Music unifies people. Adding it to the commons amplifies the visitor experience as well as the quality of life for residents. As the Visit Montrose program matures, we’re excited to announce that starting in 2018, you’ll hear complimentary live music performances in the streets and parks of Montrose as we integrate music with existing events to create an even stronger sense of place to complement the Montrose Lifestyle. This program follows on the heels of successful complimentary live music performances such as the Montrose Summer Music Series.

The Montrose music scene is about to get energized in yet another way as we eagerly anticipate the 2019 groundbreaking of an outdoor amphitheater at Cerise Park for use as a music and event venue. Situated in the city’s core, the park features 110 acres of soccer fields, multi-purpose athletic fields, pavilion area with outdoor grills, Vietnam War memorial, ample parking, a dog park, restroom facilities, and more. Pedestrian and cyclist concert goers will be able to attend easily and safely by way of the Uncompahgre Riverway Trail, a primary element of the city’s trail system.

The amphitheater will expand public access to the park while signaling Montrose’s commitment to music and culture. Its design will take advantage of sun and shade patterns as well as the majestic Cimarron mountain range views for year-round comfort and inspiration. Supported by advanced sound and lighting systems, the performance viewing area will allow intimate and casual concert experiences. Vendors will be nearby to ensure there is plenty to eat and drink for merrymakers.

One goal for cultivating a vibrant and fun music is to foster even more community happiness and engagement as well as to open new avenues for people to socialize, party and be part of novel and exciting moments. People can find unity and a sense of self when they have reason to be proud of the city they live in or visit, this collective motivation being one way to form a community and a lifestyle.

What’s unique about music is that where it occurs, it often produces its own sense of place. Check out the increasing musical lineup in Montrose and while you’re at it delve into our history, culture, and creativity. Visit Montrose and look deeper into our music scene.